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There are three groups of courses in the MS in Information Systems program.  The foundation courses are to be taken by those who lack business and/or Information Technology skills.  The seven core courses are required by all.  In addition, every student will choose (after consulting with the Program Director) three electives

The IT foundation courses include CSC332 Visual Basic Programming II, CIS407 Advanced Database Management Systems and CIS317 Principles of Information Systems Analysis and Design.  The business skills foundation courses include Accounting, Finance and Statistics CIS343 Business Statistics - II (offered Summer, Spring and Fall).

The Core consists of 7 courses - CIS650 Software Methodologies, CIS645 Decision Support and Expert Systems, CIS609 Data Warehousing and Data Mining, TSM601 Telecommunications Principles, TSM603 Telecommunications Project Management, Quantitative Financial Controls (ACC604) and CIS695 Comprehensive Project in Computer Information Systems.

The electives must be selected with the consent of the Program Director.

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