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The Master of Science in Information Systems (MSIS) degree program is designed to be a pragmatic, problem-solving oriented program that combines modern information technology practices with business practices. It looks at the important issues related to IT decision-making, the technology portion of the solution and the human portion of the solution.

Learning Goals

  • Core IS knowledge
  • Integration of IS and Business Knowledge
  • Analytical and Critical Thinking Skills
  • Communication and team skills


The program is compact enough to allow the dedicated student to finish in three semesters (or two semesters and a summer). This assumes no preparatory work is required and working closely with the Program Director to schedule 4 courses each term. Most of the courses are offered through ITV and a combination of on-campus and web. The 2-page document - Program description and flyer (pdf) - has a lot of detailed information about the content, and our offerings. Please consult with the Program Director for additional information.


The admission process includes a review of the student's academic history, work experience and assessment scores from independent testing bodies (Educational testing Services). Click here to find out what is used in picking our student body. Those who do not qualify, may still be admitted conditionally at the discretion of the screening committee and will be required to show strong progress in the first semester of classes.

Financial Aid
A limited number of assistantships are available either for teaching or research responsibilities. Please visit the money! page for more information. To qualify for most graduate assistantships, the student must be admitted unconditionally and have strong communication skills.

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