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Major in Computer Science (CSC)

Total curriculum requirements: 120 - 132 credit hours.


Major in Computer Science (BS)


Minor or second major required

CIS minor

Math minor

TSM minor

Minor or second major required

Communication and Basic Skills

[9] ENG101, ENG102, Communication & Basic Skills elective

[6] ENG101, 102

Science and Mathematics

[10-15] MAT250 (5), Science elective with lab (4-5), Math / Science elective (3-5)

[7-10] Math elective, Science elective

Humanities and Fine Arts 

[6] HUM211, Humanities and Fine Arts (HFA) elective (see p41/42 of undergraduate bulletin for complete list)

[12] add HUM212

add 1 HFA elective

Social Sciences

[9] CIV101, CIV102, Social Science elective (see p41/42 for complete list)

[9] Same as BS

University Study Electives

[9] Choose from list of University Studies electives (see p41/42 for complete list)

[12] foreign language

** University studies total: BS - 43-48 hours, BA – 46-49 hours **

Major & Co-Requirements (BS/BA: 49-58)

Co-requirements +

Thread  electives

[0-9] MAT250, MAT135 or MAT540 (or CIS243 Business Statistics - I and 343). This would be “0” if MATH courses were taken as part of either University Studies or a MATH minor

[6] Need advisor approval. Must be related to the chosen thread of emphasis


[43] BPA099, CSC145 Introduction to Programming I, CSC235 Programming in C++ (or CSC240), CSC245, CSC301 Foundations of Computer Science I, CSC302 Foundations of Computer Science II, CSC405 Computer Architecture, CSC410 Operating Systems (+411…414), CSC415 Programming Languages, CSC420 Numerical Analysis I, CSC445 Computer Algorithms (+446..449), CSC530 Graphical User Interface Development (+531…534) or CIS420 Senior Capstone Project, CSC540 Social, Ethical and Professional Issues in the Information Age, CIS407 Advanced Database Management Systems

Typical minors

[22] CIS260, CIS304, CIS307 Decision Support Technologies, CSC125 Internet and Web Page Design, CSC199 Introduction to Information Technology, CSC232 Visual Basic Programming I and 3 hours from CSC/ CIS/ TSM (300+ level).

[23] MAT250, MAT308, MAT309 and 9 hours of MAT courses above 309 except 330, 399 and 560

[24-26] TSM120, TSM241, TSM242 plus 5 electives (discuss course substitutions with TSM advisor first)


Add a minor of  your choice (samples on left)

Total hours

120 hours

123-132 hours

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