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The Department of Computer Science and Information Systems offers several educational programs specifically tailored to meet the rapidly growing demand for professionals in the computer industry. Students may choose from two computer-related undergraduate programs and one Graduate program in Information Systems:

Major in Computer Science (CSC): The emphasis is on scientific computation and problem solving. Strong math skills are required to be successful in this major. Students are also required to pick a minor (Physics/ Math/ Business/ TSM/ Art are some popular minors).   One way of distinguishing this discipline (although simplistic) from the others in the department is to look at it as the brains that bring us new technology - just think of where we would be today without the ubiquitous browser! Their strength lies in their ability to make machines more productive. Hired by: Manufacturers of Defense systems (missile deployment and control), Control systems (designing NC machines), Operating systems, Remote sensing software, Aerospace applications Robotics, Game programming and many others. Lately there is a lot of interest for Computer Science majors in the growing software industry in Biology called BioInformatics.

Area in Computer Science (CSC): Effective Fall 2007, we now offer an Area in Computer Science. This has the exact requirements as the Major with the substitution of 15 hours' targeted electives for the minor requirement. Please consult with your advisor if you wish to switch to this program.

Area in Computer Information Systems (CIS): The emphasis is on business computing. Students take all the business classes (marketing, management, accounting) that form the college "core" and enhance that education with a variety of programming courses commonly used in a wide variety of businesses. Inter-personal and group communication is stressed in most of the upper level classes. One way of distinguishing this discipline from the others in the CSIS department is to view these people as Analysts - they analyse Business requirements, evaluate alternative technologies and present optimal solutions to Business managers. Their strength lies in their ability to apply state of the art "technologies" to help people become more productive. Hired by: Service industry, Manufacturing, and almost any organization that transacts business. Some have chosen to operate as independent contractors.
Note: This is a Business degree. Like all Business programs in the College, the CIS program also has the distinction of being accredited by AACSB-International: The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business.

Master of Science in Information Systems (MSIS): We have recently approved a Master's program in Information Systems. This program is designed to be a pragmatic, problem-solving oriented program that prepares technically astute people to become business savvy managers in medium to large organizations. Please contact the office for further information.

In addition, the department offers several graduate courses that could be used as electives by those pursuing the MBA degree. Other options include Minors in Computer Science and Computer Information Systems. Please refer to the most recent University Catalog (available in PDF format) for additional details.

Transferring to Murray?
If you are planning on transferring to Murray, plan ahead so your transfer experience is smooth. One sure way of making it smooth is to pick the classes that count towards your "general education" classes. Choosing wisely can sometimes mean graduating a semester early. This is particularly true of the CIS program where you can transfer classes like ACC, ECO, COM etc directly into our degree program. If you need help, don't hesitate to talk to the department chair -

You can also do some of this online. Check out the CAS link. The Council of Post Secondary Education also has some valuable information here

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