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Global CIO: IT Jobs Claw Back From Crushing Recession
U.S. companies added information technology jobs -- 26,000 -- in the first quarter of this year, giving some hope that the IT job destruction from the recession is over. This marks the first time in almost two years that the U.S. economy has added IT jobs for two straight quarters.


Here are the first quarter numbers: IT employment rose to 3.84 million, up from 3.81 million in Q4 2009 and 3.77 million in Q3 2009. These are estimates based on surveys, and a 26,000 jobs addition is a very small move. But looking at trend line, the IT jobs market is better than it has been since middle of 2008, though there remains a huge number of unemployed IT pros. Three of the last four quarters have shown IT job growth. ...

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