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Jobs! Jobs Everywhere....!
Yet another day is going to pass and I still cannot find people to place in Jobs and internships that have been brought to my attention. So far I have been notified of vacancies in top notch companies requiring a variety of skills from Java to PHP to just CS/CIS with Business knowledge! Just a sample of companies hurting for our graduates: State Farm, UPS, CAT Financial, HCA, KeeForce and many more. In this group is a large furniture manufacturer in a very small town in MO who is hurting badly for programmers. I contacted one of our alumni in the area and he may be able to assist.

But what is surprising is that people who would normally hire people with strong accounting knowledge are finding that they need people with strong technical skills and some business knowledge!

Where are these graduates? Are you one of those? The demand is great, but the supply isn't! Tell your friends!

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