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Seventh Annual Awards Luncheon And Project Demonstrations

The Department hosted its Seventh Annual Awards Luncheon on Saturday, April 14th. It was a busy day starting with mock interviews at 8:30. Four students - Ashley Hagan, Evan Miller, Chung en Hung and Tanisha Hunter - participated in this hour long session and benefited from the valuable feedback provided by the interviewers Mr Larry May of Keller Schroeder Associates and CSIS faculty member Dr. Michael Bowman.


In the foreground, Ms Linda Johnsonius and Kristi Casey (CSC 2007)
Next, selected recent alumni and graduating seniors gave presentations on their current work and academic activities. Stephanie Totty (CIS, 2007) demonstrated her team's project from the Fall 06 CIS420 (Capstone Course) class project. She gave an impressive presentation that clearly identified the problem being addressed, an approach to a solution, and a feasible product. According to Stephanie, the project would not have been completed without timely help from key members who all rose to the occasion. She is volunteering more of her time to fine tune the NEWSADS web application so the manager, Mr Orville Herndon, can take it to production this coming Fall term.

A graduating senior, John Pettit presented his design for the department's web site. John will be graduating with a degree in Advertising, but has spent a large chunk of his free time developing and learning to operate in a modern web-driven marketplace. He is working with a team of students from Dr. Singh's "Building E-business with database" class (CIS425). His task was to redesign the CSIS department's web site - he had done the front page for all the CBPA departments several years back - using a custom-developed content management system based on PhP, MySQL and served by Apache. The simplicity and power of the interface was phenomenal.


The final presentation was by a self-admitted "geek", Michael McCann. Michael is a man of many interests and took time away from his full-time job at the Tennessean (Nashville) to demonstrate his incarnation of a game to be used in old hardware. He hopes to breathe new life into old hardware with this engine. Currently the demo levels are operational. He hopes to complete a few levels of complexity and make it available commercially. He has come a long way since he first took Dr. Raj's database class. He used PhP and MySQL to develop a customized order-entry and inventory control system for an Optometrist in Nashville.


Karim Lalani (CSC 2006) and Evan Miller (CSC 2009)
The rest of the day was taken up by a panel discussion on off-shoring, awards ceremony, another panel discussion with recent graduates on strategies to land that first job and a wonderful display of student (work-in-progress) projects on posters. It was nice to see our students attired smartly for the occasion proudly displaying their hard work. One advisory board member, Mr Shawn Odom (BMI Music, Nashville) was heard remarking, "I saw two or three great candidates for some neat and novel APIs".


The faculty and Advisory Board members then headed to the Business building to check out the newly renovated. Thanks to the Dean, we have some nice carpeting. According to the architect and chief "worker bee", Dr. Pilgrim, "This is a facility that students can come and show-off their geekiness. Students have come here to create and play computer games, design sophisticated web sites, program robots and anything else that is an expectation of Computer Science and Information Systems majors. The lab is equipped with modern hardware, multi-operating systems and a very unique arena-like gondola to enable students to view the teacher's instructions from any corner of the room." The faculty and students alike seem to be very pleased with the nice layout. "It creates plenty of room for the students to move about. It also has a central area where students can layout large sheets of paper to visualize design elements and/or make robots run around in circles without falling off" says Dr. Lyle, Assistant professor of Computer Science. As funds permit, the department plans on offering workshops and seminars for interested K-12 students and teachers that they can take back to their schools and use it to learn other critical subjects like Math and Science.

The day's activities ended with faculty and advisory Board members discussing the events and exploring ways to build on what was already accomplished. Larry May, President, Keller-Schroeder Associates of Evansville, IN, said that he was impressed by some of the course offerings in the department. One that caught his eye was a flyer advertising a class on ERP systems (CIS545). He said, "This is where the new generation of jobs are going to be. Students need to understand how the business functions are tied together with complex software systems. If they know how to work with even one of these products, they have a very promising career ahead of them".

The meeting adjourned shortly after 5:00 PM. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Dr. Raj at or (270) 809-6214.



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