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CIS 200 Business Application Modeling Using Spreadsheet & Database Software

CIS 201 Report Program Generator

CIS 243 Business Statistics - I

CIS 290 Internship

CIS 296 International Experience On CSIS

CIS 299 Special Topics In Computer Applications

CIS 307 Decision Support Technologies

CIS 317 Principles Of Information Systems Analysis And Design

CIS 325 E-Business Programming

CIS 343 Business Statistics - II

CIS 360 Advanced Application Program Development For Business

CIS 361 On-Line Applications

CIS 399 (499) Topics In Information Systems

CIS 407 Advanced Database Management Systems

CIS 409 (309) Data Warehousing And Business Intelligence

CIS 417 Software Development Technologies

CIS 420 Senior Capstone Project

CIS 425 Building E-Business With Web Design

CIS 437 Senior Honors Thesis

CIS 440 End User Technology Support And Management

CIS 443 Business Statistics III

CIS 445 Information Systems And Technology For Managers

CIS 488 Cooperative Education/Internship

CIS 489 Cooperative Education/Internship

CIS 490 Quantitative Methods And Information Systems

CIS 500 Internship

CIS 507 Fundamentals Of Distributed Database Applications

CIS 508 Computer Simulation

CIS 525 Overview Of E-Business Technologies

CIS 545 Enterprise Resource Planning

CIS 553 Quantitative Business Analysis

CIS 595 Special Problems

CIS 609 Data Warehousing And Data Mining

CIS 644 Graduate Cooperative Education

CIS 645 Decision Support And Expert Systems

CIS 646 A Manager's Guide To Database

CIS 650 Software Methodologies

CIS 653 Management Science For Managerial Decision-Making

CIS 695 Comprehensive Project In Computer Information Systems

CSC 101 Introduction To Problem Solving Using Computers

CSC 125 Internet And Web Page Design

CSC 136 FORTRAN Programming

CSC 145 Introduction To Programming I

CSC 199 Introduction To Information Technology

CSC 204 Assembly Language Programming I

CSC 210 Directed Study Of Ada I

CSC 211 Directed Study Of Ada II

CSC 212 Directed Study Of C++ I

CSC 213 Directed Study Of C++ II

CSC 214 Directed Study Of FORTRAN

CSC 215 Directed Study Of Visual Basic

CSC 216 Directed Study Of Java I

CSC 217 Directed Study Of Java II

CSC 218 Introduction To Web Programming I

CSC 232 Visual Basic Programming I

CSC 235 Programming In C++

CSC 260 Application Program Development In COBOL I

CSC 275 Graphical Rendering

CSC 299 Special Topics In Computer Applications

CSC 301 Foundations Of Computer Science I

CSC 302 Foundations Of Computer Science II

CSC 310 Database Administration

CSC 330 Introduction To Discrete Structures

CSC 332 Visual Basic Programming II

CSC 335 Microcomputer Architecture And Assembly Language

CSC 340 (240) Programming In Java

CSC 342 (255) Programming In C#

CSC 345 (245) Introduction To Programming II

CSC 345x Data Structures

CSC 360 Scripting Languages

CSC 405 Computer Architecture

CSC 410 Operating Systems

CSC 411 Operating Systems Project In Graphics And Visual Computing

CSC 412 Operating Systems Project In Net-Centric Computing

CSC 413 Operating Systems Project In Embedded Systems Programming

CSC 414 Operating Systems Project In Applications Programming

CSC 415 Programming Languages

CSC 420 Numerical Analysis I

CSC 437 Senior Honors Thesis

CSC 445 Computer Algorithms

CSC 446 Algorithms Project In Graphics And Visual Computing

CSC 447 Algorithms Project In Net-Centric Computing

CSC 448 Algorithms Project In Embedded Systems Programming

CSC 449 Algorithms Project In Applications Programming

CSC 488 Cooperative Education/Internship

CSC 489 Cooperative Education/Internship

CSC 500 Compiler Construction

CSC 503 Automata And Formal Languages

CSC 510 Network Management And Implementation

CSC 515 Computer Graphics Programming

CSC 520 Numerical Analysis II

CSC 525 Special Topics I

CSC 526 Special Topics II

CSC 530 Graphical User Interface Development

CSC 531 Graphical User Interface Development Project In Graphics And Visual Computing

CSC 532 Graphical User Interface Development Project In Net-Centric Computing

CSC 533 Graphical User Interface Development Project In Embedded Systems Programming

CSC 534 Graphical User Interface Development Project In Applications Programming

CSC 540 Social, Ethical And Professional Issues In The Information Age

CSC 545 Advanced Computer Architecture

CSC 551 Microprogrammed Logic Design

CSC 560 UNIX System Administration

CSC 565 Embedded Systems Design

CSC 575 Computer Animation And Game Development

CSC 580 Introduction To Computer Programming Education

CSC 581 Educational Programming Languages

CSC 595 Special Problems

TSM 411 Network Design, Operations And Management

TSM 440 Information Policy And Security Auditing

TSM 441 Advanced Information Security

TSM 530 Systems Planning (CIS)

TSM 601 Telecommunications Principles

TSM 602 Telecommunications Systems

TSM 603 Telecommunications Project Management

TSM 610 Telecommunication Networks Management

TSM 680 Telecommunications Solution Development

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