Computer Science & Information Systems

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After the "dot com  bust", it seemed like careers in the field of Computing went downhill. In reality, what we saw was an unfortunate drop in enrollments due to large scale fear-mongering. Now we have fewer applicants and more jobs. This seems suspiciously like the mid-nineties. Our students are participating in summer internships and returning with fat job offers. Those wanting short-term summer jobs are being offered full-time jobs instead - even before they graduate! A placement rate higher than 100%!!

It's a GREAT time to major in either Computer Science or Computer Information Systems. Of course, the few that are graduating now are going to be able to pick and choose from numerous offers.

For those who are closer to finishing (and have finished), please take a look at the "Job Resource Center" link on the left. It lists a variety of jobs and internships in our service region and all across the US. By registering yourself, you have the added benefit of being notified when a new job is posted. Check it out!

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