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We hope these links are of interest to you! We (CSIS) try to keep in touch with as many of our alumni as possible through e-mail and occasional newsletters. If you wish to participate, please register here.

Please visit this location towards the end of each semester (April/November) for information on informal get-togethers. You will automatically hear of such events if you register (see above form) your e-mail address with us. Click here for current University sponsored events

Where are they now?
- visit this link to find out where your colleagues are. This link has some information, but it is not current. It was our award winning site (AITP National competition) and we are leaving it in for legacy purposes.

Need more details?
- Use the menu on the left to read updates communicated to the department (via Victor Raj). Contains additional details about who they are working for and what they do.

AND, if you are looking to come back to this area, please check our Facebook page for job listings.

Click on Alumni Affairs for campus-wide alumni information.

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